Installing HID Headlight Bulbs in Sonar Headlight Assembly

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    You first want to start off by taking your headlight assembly and flipping it on it's back, while taking note on which side is the projector proportion of your assembly as shown below. You then want to lift the rubber water cover off the back of the assembly where the projector light is located.

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    Unplug the positive and negative terminals from the headlamp assembly to remove the lightbulb.

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    Now, to remove the bulb simply push the pin clip down, and to the side to unclip it. Don't be afraid to apply pressure to the clip, you will have to do the same thing but in reverse to put the new bulb in.

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    Once you remove the bulb, you can move back to the wiring hardness for the light (the one with the waterproof housing around the wires). You will need to trim a little bit of rubber around the wires in order to pull the plugs through (these will be your power source wires).

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    Now we can move over to the HID ballast wiring harness, each kit may vary, but they should all be similar. Do the same thing you did to the headlight assembly housing and remove the two wires that do not lead to the HID bulb.

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    You can now feed the positive and negative terminals from the HID bulb through the headlight assembly waterproof housing as shown below.

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    Now that it's all ready for installation, we have to modify the H1 bulb hole on the Sonar headlamp assembly. As you may have tried, the HID bulb does not fit, and is a very tight fit which will break the bulb. You must use a drill or dremel to shave down the sides to create more room for the bulb to fit in properly. The two ares you must adjust are marked in the image below.

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    After you make your adjustments to your assembly, be sure to get all the additional metal shavings out of the housing by using compressed air or knocking on it lightly repetitively. You may now fit the bulb in place and push the clip down in place. Sometimes the bulb does not like to match up perfectly, which is fine. If this happened then the bulb may stick a tad bit higher and you will need to give the clip a little force to get it in place.

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    You may now slide the waterproof housing overtop of the headlight assembly. Now you are ready to install your headlight assembly & ballasts!

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    Simply connect your ballasts as per instructions provided. If your headlight is not turning on, try flipping the input plug (yes, it will fit both ways). The HID ballasts are polarity sensitive so if it is the wrong way, you won't get any light. Depending on your ballast, you may have to put them on backwards, even if it says otherwise.

    And here's the result!

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